Missing signal / dbus-fd while waiting for dbus-method response
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Jan Mueller
2018-10-22 13:40:48 UTC
Hello folks,
we’re facing the following issue:
An application does not receive DBUS signals via the DBUS file descriptor while waiting for a dbus-method response.
The basic setup: Two applications are communicating via DBUS, using a select() loop waiting for events on the dbus-fd.
The faulty procedure:

- Triggered by a timer event, Application A calls the dbus-method “transmit” of application B.

- During processing of the “transmit”-method, application B broadcasts a dbus-signal on which application A is matched on.

- Afterwards, application B sleeps for 5ms and then finishes its “transmit”-method by sending a response message towards application A.

- The dbus-fd of Application A does not trigger the select() afterwards (same for epoll() if implemented so).

 when triggering sd_bus_process() manually, the signal is being receved in application A, meaning that the signal was in fact received and queued, but the event was not signalled.

 other processes, not being “blocked” by waiting for a response-message, do also receive the signal.

We saw this behavior on multiple platforms, e.g. Linux kubuntu 4.4.0-137-generic with 229-4ubuntu21.1 and Debian Buster 4.18.0-2-am64 with systemd 239-10.
Attached you can find a simple example, including application A / B, a makefile and the correlating *.conf-files.

Thanks in advance and best regards,
Jan Mueller

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