github merge rules update
(too old to reply)
Lennart Poettering
2018-05-10 15:40:50 UTC
an investigation in https://github.com/systemd/systemd/issues/8665
done by filbranden showed that github's "rebase & merge" button works
better than the "squash & merge" version. The authorship and original
timestamps on the commit are not mangled. Hence, let's mostly use
"rebase & merge" for single commits instead of "squash & merge".
— single commit → rebase
— a bunch of fixup commits that should be one → squash
— more than one commit → merge
No if only github was smart enough to default to "rebase" for single
commits and "merge" for multiple commits in a PR... I figure the
fix-up case is the clear outlier after all...

Lennart Poettering, Red Hat