[systemd-devel] Linux Plumbers 2021: Containers and Checkpoint/Restore micro-conference CFP
Christian Brauner
2021-05-18 08:34:26 UTC
Hey everyone,

We're excited to announce another edition of the combined Containers and
Checkpoint/Restore micro-conference at the Linux Plumbers Conference
(LPC). This year's LPC will be held as a virtual event from 20 to 24
September 2021.

The Containers and Checkpoint/Restore micro-conference at Linux Plumbers
is the opportunity for runtime and kernel maintainers and others
involved with containers to talk about what they are up to and discuss
changes in kernel- and userspace.

We're very excited to hear what you have been hacking on over the last
year, what progress you made on ongoing projects, new ideas you have,
and what you think is missing and needs more work or attention in
kernel- and userspace.

Please make your proposals on the LPC website:


Make sure to select the Containers and Checkpoint/Restore MC topic as
the track you're submitting to.

We'll accept proposals for this micro-conference until the 15th of
August 2021.

You can find additional details about the micro-conference under the
following link:


Looking forward to seeing you all (virtually) there! :)

Stéphane Graber (Canonical)
Mike Rapoport (IBM)
Christian Brauner (Canonical)
Adrian Reber (Red Hat)