[ANNOUNCE] systemd 234
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Lennart Poettering
2017-07-12 17:41:47 UTC
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Here we go:



* Meson is now supported as build system in addition to Automake. It is
our plan to remove Automake in one of our next releases, so that
Meson becomes our exclusive build system. Hence, please start using
the Meson build system in your downstream packaging. There's plenty
of documentation around how to use Meson, the extremely brief

./autogen.sh && ./configure && make && sudo make install


meson build && ninja -C build && sudo ninja -C build install

* Unit files gained support for a new JobRunningTimeoutUSec= setting,
which permits configuring a timeout on the time a job is
running. This is particularly useful for setting timeouts on jobs for
.device units.

* Unit files gained two new options ConditionUser= and ConditionGroup=
for conditionalizing units based on the identity of the user/group
running a systemd user instance.

* systemd-networkd now understands a new FlowLabel= setting in the
[VXLAN] section of .network files, as well as a Priority= in
[Bridge], GVRP= + MVRP= + LooseBinding= + ReorderHeader= in [VLAN]
and GatewayOnlink= + IPv6Preference= + Protocol= in [Route]. It also
gained support for configuration of GENEVE links, and IPv6 address
labels. The [Network] section gained the new IPv6ProxyNDP= setting.

* .link files now understand a new Port= setting.

* systemd-networkd's DHCP support gained support for DHCP option 119
(domain search list).

* systemd-networkd gained support for serving IPv6 address ranges using
the Router Advertisment protocol. The new .network configuration
section [IPv6Prefix] may be used to configure the ranges to
serve. This is implemented based on a new, minimal, native server
implementation of RA.

* journalctl's --output= switch gained support for a new parameter
"short-iso-precise" for a mode where timestamps are shown as precise
ISO date values.

* systemd-udevd's "net_id" builtin may now generate stable network
interface names from IBM PowerVM VIO devices as well as ACPI platform

* MulticastDNS support in systemd-resolved may now be explicitly
enabled/disabled using the new MulticastDNS= configuration file

* systemd-resolved may now optionally use libidn2 instead of the libidn
for processing internationalized domain names. Support for libidn2
should be considered experimental and should not be enabled by
default yet.

* "machinectl pull-tar" and related call may now do verification of
downloaded images using SUSE-style .sha256 checksum files in addition
to the already existing support for validating using Ubuntu-style
SHA256SUMS files.

* sd-bus gained support for a new sd_bus_message_appendv() call which
is va_list equivalent of sd_bus_message_append().

* sd-boot gained support for validating images using SHIM/MOK.

* The SMACK code learnt support for "onlycap".

* systemd-mount --umount is now much smarter in figuring out how to
properly unmount a device given its mount or device path.

* The code to call libnss_dns as a fallback from libnss_resolve when
the communication with systemd-resolved fails was removed. This
fallback was redundant and interfered with the [!UNAVAIL=return]
suffix. See nss-resolve(8) for the recommended configuration.

* systemd-logind may now be restarted without losing state. It stores
the file descriptors for devices it manages in the system manager
using the FDSTORE= mechanism. Please note that further changes in
other components may be required to make use of this (for example
Xorg has code to listen for stops of systemd-logind and terminate
itself when logind is stopped or restarted, in order to avoid using
stale file descriptors for graphical devices, which is now
counterproductive and must be reverted in order for restarts of
systemd-logind to be safe. See

* All kernel install plugins are called with the environment variable
KERNEL_INSTALL_MACHINE_ID which is set to the machine ID given by
/etc/machine-id. If the file is missing or empty, the variable is
empty and BOOT_DIR_ABS is the path of a temporary directory which is
removed after all the plugins exit. So, if KERNEL_INSTALL_MACHINE_ID
is empty, all plugins should not put anything in BOOT_DIR_ABS.

Contributions from: Adrian Heine né Lang, Aggelos Avgerinos, Alexander
Kurtz, Alexandros Frantzis, Alexey Brodkin, Alex Lu, Amir Pakdel, Amir
Yalon, Anchor Cat, Anthony Parsons, Bastien Nocera, Benjamin Gilbert,
Benjamin Robin, Boucman, Charles Plessy, Chris Chiu, Chris Lamb,
Christian Brauner, Christian Hesse, Colin Walters, Daniel Drake,
Danielle Church, Daniel Molkentin, Daniel Rusek, Daniel Wang, Davide
Cavalca, David Herrmann, David Michael, Dax Kelson, Dimitri John
Ledkov, Djalal Harouni, Dušan Kazik, Elias Probst, Evgeny Vereshchagin,
Federico Di Pierro, Felipe Sateler, Felix Zhang, Franck Bui, Gary
Tierney, George McCollister, Giedrius Statkevičius, Hans de Goede,
hecke, Hendrik Westerberg, Hristo Venev, Ian Wienand, Insun Pyo, Ivan
Shapovalov, James Cowgill, James Hemsing, Janne Heß, Jan Synacek, Jason
Reeder, João Paulo Rechi Vita, John Paul Adrian Glaubitz, Jörg
Thalheim, Josef Andersson, Josef Gajdusek, Julian Mehne, Kai Krakow,
Krzysztof Jackiewicz, Lars Karlitski, Lennart Poettering, Lluís Gili,
Lucas Werkmeister, Lukáš Nykrýn, Łukasz Stelmach, Mantas Mikulėnas,
Marcin Bachry, Marcus Cooper, Mark Stosberg, Martin Pitt, Matija Skala,
Matt Clarkson, Matthew Garrett, Matthias Greiner, Matthijs van Duin,
Max Resch, Michael Biebl, Michal Koutný, Michal Sekletar, Michal
Soltys, Michal Suchanek, Mike Gilbert, Nate Clark, Nathaniel R. Lewis,
Neil Brown, Nikolai Kondrashov, Pascal S. de Kloe, Pat Riehecky, Patrik
Flykt, Paul Kocialkowski, Peter Hutterer, Philip Withnall, Piotr
Szydełko, Rafael Fontenelle, Ray Strode, Richard Maw, Roelf Wichertjes,
Ronny Chevalier, Sarang S. Dalal, Sjoerd Simons, slodki, Stefan
Schweter, Susant Sahani, Ted Wood, Thomas Blume, Thomas Haller, Thomas
H. P. Andersen, Timothée Ravier, Tobias Jungel, Tobias Stoeckmann, Tom
Gundersen, Tom Yan, Torstein Husebø, Umut Tezduyar Lindskog,
userwithuid, Vito Caputo, Waldemar Brodkorb, WaLyong Cho, Yu, Li-Yu,
Yusuke Nojima, Yu Watanabe, Zbigniew Jędrzejewski-Szmek, Дамјан

— Berlin, 2017-07-12

Lennart Poettering, Red Hat