systemd-run -M and machinectl shell <container> <command>
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Christian Rebischke
2017-10-09 14:56:13 UTC
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Hello everybody,
I wanted to make sure that this is a bug, before I open a ticket for
this. But I have the following issue. I am currently writing a shell
script that is debootstrapping a container and changes different
configurations on that container ( a little bit like mkosi )

One line of my script is the following:

machinectl shell "$CONTAINER_NAME" /bin/passwd -d root

I also tried:

systemd-run -M "$CONTAINER_NAME" /bin/passwd -d root

With both variations I have the same result:

systemd-run says the command was executed but it wasn't. The root
password on the container is still set. When I login into the container

machinectl shell "$CONTAINER_NAME"

and do the line `passwd -d root` manually.. it's working.

Is this a bug or normal behaviour? In last case: What do i wrong?

Best regards,