Umount of network filesystems and rescue.target
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Michal Sekletar
2017-10-08 11:25:14 UTC
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For RHEL7 we have received complains from users that network
filesystems are not unmounted before entering rescue mode. I guess
this is because mount units have IgnoreOnIsolate=yes set by default. I
think this is fine and actually desired for local filesystems, but
there is little sense in keeping network filesystem mounted while
possibly cutting of network connections.

I know that this is may not be the case for all network configuration
daemon/tools, i.e. network configuration daemon may decide to leave
network interfaces configured upon exit. However, this is definitely
not the case for CentOS/RHEL.

In the bugzilla related to this issue, it has been proposed to make
network mounts PartOf remote-fs.target. IOW, these mount units will be
stopped when we stop remote-fs.target (which should also happen upon
entering rescue mode -- isolating rescue.target).

Is this something that we want to address upstream? Does the above
solution make sense? (FWIW, at least I don't see anything terribly
wrong with it)

I appreciate any suggestions or feedback.