[ANNOUNCE] All Systems Go! 2017 (successor of systemd.conf)
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Lennart Poettering
2017-06-16 19:02:38 UTC
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We have recently put up the web site for All Systems Go! 2017, the
successor conference for systemd.conf, with a broader focus, and a
larger audience. systemd will play a major role, but it's hopefully
going to be just one of many projects presented.

All Systems Go! 2017 will take place in Berlin, Germany, on Oct
21./22. Please mark these days in your calendars!

We'll open the CfP soon, for now if you are looking for more
information, please have a look at our web site:


You may already buy tickets, and if you do you can take benefit of the
special Early Bird offer!

Lennart Poettering, Red Hat